11-year-old girl chooses to stay with her paralyzed adoptive father over her biological parents

Xiao Qi is an 11-year-old girl from China who chose to look after and care for her paralyzed adoptive father, Zheng, despite being given the choice to reunite with her biological parents.

Xiao was born in Guangdong and was abandoned by her biological parents soon after her birth. In a stroke of luck, Zheng and his wife, who had just experienced a miscarriage, happened to be at the same hospital as Xiao and decided to adopt her.

Things took a sharp turn when, in an unfortunate outcome, Zheng’s wife left him and Xiao. To make matters worse, Zheng became paralyzed from the waist down due to health complications with severe hypertension that he had been experiencing since 2010. Zheng’s mother, who was in her 90’s and had helped take care of Zheng and Xiao, died shortly after in 2015, leaving Xiao to take care of Zheng by herself.

Xiao’s biological parents approached Xiao two years after Zheng became paralyzed and revealed that they were her true parents and that Zheng was only her adoptive father. They offered Xiao the chance to be with them but were surprised to hear that Xiao wanted to stay with Zheng.

For some time, Xiao remained stateless because Zheng was unable to finish her adoption papers. Fortunately, the government decided to help Xiao by working to change her status because of the attention that she and Zheng received from the media. She has also received offers by various entrepreneurs to have her future education fees paid for as well as the necessary funds to build a house for herself and Zheng.

Source: NextShark