12 of BTS V’s Most Iconic Outfits That Prove He Deserves To Be Called Best-Dressed

BTS‘s V has worn innumerable stylish outfits throughout his career, but these 12 outfits are arguably the most iconic and best examples of why he is so deserving of his title of best-dressed.

Vogue recently called BTS the best-dressed boy band at the Billboard Music Awards and named V as the most fashion-forward of the crew. In light of this recognition, it is time to take a look back at some of V’s most memorable and iconic fashion moments over the last year.

Take a look at some of V’s most fashion-forward and memorable outfits below:

V looked extra smart with his bow tie and flaming red hair.
V is still able to look fashion forward even when dressing down.
He looks like a prince out of a fairytale with this outfit.
His style is still on point even when he is traveling.
Only V could look this stylish when dressed like Piko Taro.
V decided to go for an all-black, chic look.
He looks both smart and cute in that printed blazer.
HV’s shirt definitely made quite the statement here.
If anyone can pull off sequins and prints it has to be him!
Going for an edgy look this time with this leather jacket.
Looking so chic in this simple suit.
Keeping himself warm in a stylish way with this plaid scarf.