These 12 idols are proof the sunbae-hoobae friendships can be awesome

While the relationship between seniors and juniors is generally all business, some idols are so close they’re practically siblings.

The sunbae-hoobae relationship is quite common between idols, with more veteran idols teaching their juniors the ins and outs of the job. Although making new friends in the industry and staying in touch with them through busy schedules can be tough, some idols have proven that it is quite possible. Check out some of the most amazing sunbae-hoobae relationships in K-Pop below:

1. Super Junior’s Heechul & EXO’s Baekhyun

Super Junior and EXO are certainly among two of the most active groups in K-Pop. Baekhyun has been busy filming for dramas and promoting with both EXO and its first sub-unit EXO-CBX. On the other hand, Heechul has been packed with filming for various broadcasts and variety shows. But the two still have time for each other, and even have a gaming broadcast called SM Super Celeb League, where they play League of Legends together.

2. Block B’s Zico & WINNER’s Mino

These two rappers have a long history. The long-time friends were trainees together and were originally set to debut together in Block B. While that plan didn’t come to fruition, they were finally able to perform together during Show Me The Money 4 and also appeared on the Korean-Chinese show The Collaboration together. This sunbae-hoobae relationship was able to stay strong after all they’ve been through.

3. f(x)’s Amber and Eric Nam

Both Amber and Eric Nam are American-born singers who became extremely successful in Korea. These amazing singers often appear on broadcasts together due to their close friendship and strong chemistry. Whether they are on Mnet‘s 4Show, MBC‘s One Fine Day, or making videos on Amber’s YouTube channel, it is clear that they have great chemistry. The two have also released a duet together called “I Just Wanna.”

4. SEVENTEEN & Ailee

Solo singer Ailee and rookie male group SEVENTEEN were close pre-debut as well! Before either of them debuted, Ailee trained with members S.Coups and Woozi back in 2011. Ailee became even closer to the group members when they collaborated for SEVENTEEN’s single “Q&A.” Additionally, Woozi reportedly helped Ailee write lyrics for her mini album Feelin and the two are always seen supporting each other during broadcasts and award shows.

5. Nam Joo Hyuk & Ji Soo

Actors Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo showed how close they are on Celebrity Bromance, which was filled with jokes between the two. The actors both starred in SBS‘s Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and Ji Soo subsequently made a cameo in Nam Joo Hyuk’s latest drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. The two have been known tp spend lots of time together off camera, too, as they both regularly appear on each other’s SNS posts.

6. Jo Jung Suk & EXO’s D.O.

Jo Jung Suk and D.O. certainly have a brotherly relationship, stemming from when they starred together in Hyung. These two have grown close since the movie. D.O. has said that he looks up to Jo Jung Suk, who said in response that he loves D.O.’s well-mannered nature. They sang together on the Hyung OST and even guest starred on Running Man together.