13 Lesser Known BTS MVs That You Might Have Never Seen

1. “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas”

This heartfelt song was released before BTS debuted. It’s about the hardships trainees go through up until their debut, and about being unable to see their families during the holidays.

2. “School of Tears”

Featuring Suga, Jin, and Rap Monster, this intense track was one of the first in a series of songs that shared the difficulties of school life in Korea.

3.”Graduation Song”

This adorable MV features J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin during their trainee days. They sang about graduating and how it feels to become an adult.

4. “Adult Child”

This is the second MV BTS filmed for their Rookie King series. Featuring Jin, Suga, and Rap Monster, the catchy song is about the struggles of figuring out what to do when you become an adult.

5. “Beautiful” – Mariah Carey

“Beautiful” was the second MV filmed during Rookie King and featured the other four members trying to woo a girl at the same time in their ways.

6. “So 4 More”

In celebration of their 1st anniversary, BTS shared this MV where they expressed how it felt to be idols and what they thought about the future.

7. “Boy In Luv LA Ver.”

As part of their American Hustle Life series, BTS worked with Warren G. to produce an LA style version of “Boy In Luv”.

8. “Danger (Mo-Blue Mix) ft. THANH”

This slow jam, English language heavy remix version of BTS’s title track off their first full-length album Danger features the smooth vocal of Vietnamese singer Thanh.

9. “Satoori Rap”

Though you may have heard this track before, you probably didn’t know that it was produced long before the album! Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga performed this song live for some lucky fans as part of their Rookie King show.

10. “You’re My” – Taeyang

BTS’s vocal line covered Taeyang’s “You’re My” on their show Rookie King. Many fans came to watch and listen to their sweet vocals.

11. Comeback Special Edition – “Run”

With the release of “Run” off of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2, BTS released an exclusive music video as part of their appearance on The Show.


12. The Show Special Edition – “Butterfly”

Alongside “Run” BTS also released an exclusive music video for their second performance track “Butterfly” for The Show.

13. “Born Singer”

One of the most well-known songs on this list, the emotional lyrics even caused the members to cry when they performed it at their BTS Begins concert in Seoul.