13 Times MONSTA X Hyungwon Proved He Is The King of Meme Faces

Monsta X‘s Hyungwon is known by many for being the ultimate king of meme faces. There’s an endless supply of his most hilarious faces, but here are just a few of his best ones.

1. The “Why am I in this group” face

2. When Hyungwon wonders what he’s doing with his life…

3. …And then remembers he’s part of one of the coolest K-Pop groups ever

4. The “What the heck did you just say to me?” face

5. When you still have to show your support

6. Hyungwon’s “I saw what you did there” face

7. The “Uh huh, suuure, whatever you say” face

8. That look when you think something’s sexy, but then you’re not so sure

9. When you pick the wrong line at the grocery store (you know, the one with the old woman who wants to pay with all the change she’s collected since 1955)

10. Hyungwon’s “Mhmm… Say that again, I dare you” face
11-13. And of course, the best Hyungwon meme…the sassy tea sips