13 Year Old Turkish Teen With Cancer Fullfills Lifelong Wish To Visit Korea, Meets SEVENTEEN

A 13-year-old Turkish girl’s lifelong dream of visiting Korea and meeting her favorite K-Pop group came true!

Havin Ayse Baldaz from Mersin, Turkey was diagnosed with tissue sarcoma four years ago and is currently undergoing harsh cancer treatments.

While spending her days at the hospital, she stumbled upon K-Pop music videos online and became fascinated with the South Korean culture.

She revealed during an interview that she hoped to visit South Korea, but her family’s lower financial situation didn’t have the means to fulfill her dream.

When her interview aired, a local Korean tourism office offered to send her and her family on an all-expenses-paid trip to Seoul!

It was one of the happiest moments of her entire life!

“I wanted to visit South Korea so much.

I am very, very happy and excited now.

I thought I would go there one day when I grew up but it made me so happy that it is happening now.

Turkey and South Korea are two friendly nations and I really wonder what Seoul looks like.”

– Havin Ayse Baldaz

Havin spent a week in Seoul, which started with a visit to MBC’s theme park that offers attractions and souvenirs for K-Pop and K-Drama fans.

She tried a variety of delicious Korean food, as well as visited a large array of museums and plays.

She also had a chance to meet one of her favorite K-Pop group SEVENTEEN, who gifted her a signed album!

Her trip to Seoul became a visit that she’ll remember for a lifetime!

“This is the best day of my life.

I am very happy that my dream came true.”

– Havin Ayse Baldaz

Havin hopes to visit Seoul again once she finishes her treatment and recovers her health!

Source: Daily Sabah