A 13 Year Old TXT Fanboy Goes Viral Among MOAs For His Adorable Reactions

How cute is he?

One young TXT fan has MOAs going crazy over his reactions and dance covers!

Online community boards have MOAs head over heels for this young fan, born in 2008, who absolutely loves TXT. His YouTube channel contains TXT album unboxings, music video reactions, dance covers, vlogs, and more!

His reactions to the TXT poster is just too adorable!

“I’ve gone over to YouTube because of this adorable young fan. He’s so funny lol I was screaming at how the poster gets stuck in his glasses in the middle..he’s really a MOA baby.”

Look at him dancing to TXT’s new title track “Blue Hour!” Can you believe this is only day two of learning the choreography!

Turns out, he’s actually really good at dance covers! Here’s him dancing to Oh My Girls‘ “Dolphin!”

Here’s him doing a snippet of BTS‘s “ON” too!

Fans find this too be so adorable and hope that someone will scout him into a company soon!

“Woah he’s so good at dancing and it’s only after two days of learning the dance! Big Hit contact him!! This MOA baby is so cute!”

“Looking at his YouTube it looks like he creates his own dance moves and does freestyle. He’s an aspiring dancer but his expressions and gestures are really good and has the potential to be an idol. Hopefully an agency takes him soon!”

“He reminds me a bit of when Yeonjun was young. His dancing reminds me of Yeonjun. Since he’s an aspiring dancer, hopefully he goes to be a dance major and goes into a good team! Not sure if he will be a singer or dancer but I hope the best for him. His heart is so pure.”

MOAs are supporting this young fan and hopes the best for all his future endeavors!

Source: theqoo