15& Baek Yerin Fires Back At Haters Terrorizing Her Instagram

JYP Entertainment‘s 15& member Baek Yerin addressed her haters on Instagram, saying that she may soon be taking legal action against the malicious online commenting.

Baek Yerin has been receiving a lot of negative comments online and even false rumors have been spread about her on the internet.

The singer has previously voiced out that she gets quite easily affected by online comments and stated that she would cut down her social media activity.

Now, she has returned with courage and a lengthy Instagram post saying she might be taking legal action against online hate.

“I can’t immediately press actions against those pestering me on Instagram, but since there are numerous others who experienced the same, I hope it will be possible soon. I believe we’ll be able to solve everything regarding those who leave malicious comments on my photos or spread malicious rumors about me on other communities! There’s no need for me to explain, and I’ve repeatedly said this before, but if you look at me with those eyes, then I think you’ll see everything else in this world with a pessimistic view!
I know I only communicate with my fans through here but I’m sorry I keep disappearing ?? Haha
Thank you to all the fans who worried about me.”

— Baek Yerin


JYP Entertainment has been helping the singer through her struggles with the online hate. The company has also previously stated that they have been considering legal actions and promised “firm hands” with the issue.

The hateful comments seemed to have kicked up a notch after the recent dating rumors concerning Yerin and singer/producer Cloud started spreading out.

Previously, haters even started firing at her during her Instagram live stream but the singer was quick to respond with an assertive tone.

Hateful rumors and inappropriate online commenting are never acceptable and hurtful for anyone who experiences them. It is a serious issue but surely one that ferocious Baek Yerin can handle.

Source: The Korea Herald