15+ Iconic Nam Joo Hyuk Outfits To Celebrate His Birthday

Happy birthday!

February 22 is Nam Joo Hyuk‘s birthday! Born in 1994, he is now 26 years old internationally. The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo star rose to fame with his boyish looks and great acting skills, making waves in the media every time he steps out.

To celebrate his birthday, here are some of Nam Joo Hyuk’s most iconic looks where he’s looked most gorgeous.

1. In a sheer white shirt

2. In dreamy specs

3. In a comfy wool coat

4. In a simple striped button down

5. In a navy bomber jacket

6. In basketball attire

7. In a uniquely patterned suit

8. In a grey windbreaker

9. In a floral turtleneck

10. In relaxed airport clothes

11. In a blue-red-white themed beach attire

12. In a baggy suit

13. In a purple hanbok

14. In a patterned red suit

15. In a beige vest and blazer

16. In this “just jeans” look

17. In swim shorts and goggles

18. And finally, in this total boyfriend-material shoot

Happy birthday, Nam Joo Hyuk!