15 Times Idols Took Fans’ Phones and Gave Them Something Special

K-Pop idols are starting to pick up a new trend that is providing fans with a whole new way to look at them.

Idols interact with their fans in all sorts of ways at concerts and fan meets, such as reacting to posters and waving at specific fans in the crowd. There is a recent trend among idols, however, that has fans losing their minds. It has become increasingly common for idols to pick a phone out of the crowd and take a selfie or video using a fan’s phone, thereby giving that fan a unique and personal photo or video. The members of B.A.P and APink are known to do it at their concerts frequently.

Check out 15 photos and videos taken by idols using the phone of a very lucky fan!


1) Chorong

chorong's selfie
Chorong takes a selfie on a lucky fan’s phone!

What a special gift for a lucky fan!

2) Bomi featuring Chorong

Bomi AND Chorong in one video?!

3) B.A.P

Daehyun takes an awesome video of himself and the other members of B.A.P. with a fan’s phone. This video will definitely be cherished.

4) GOT7

This was a great day to be in the audience at GOT7s fan meet, as they took selcas with multiple phones!

5) Suga

BTS‘s Suga looks absolutely adorable taking a selfie on a fan’s phone.

6) Zico

Another lucky fan! Zico of Block B takes a fan’s phone and takes an awesome video.


HOT SHOT members take selfies on a fan’s phone! This fan will definitely never delete these photos.

8) Chorong

Luckily for fans of APink‘s Chorong, she loves taking selfies with their phones.

9) Yongguk

B.A.P.’s Yongguk records a video of himself with a fan’s phone. This fan eve gets a cool dance!

10) Kai

Even EXO‘s Kai participates in the awesome trend!

11) Sehun

Sehun takes a selfie on the fan’s phone and even signs an album. Talk about lucky.

12) Yunhyeong

iKON‘s Yunhyeong takes a selfie on a lucky fan’s phone.

13) Mark

A video posted by M a g g i e (@magcon92) on

Got7’s Mark takes a phone from a crowd at FlyinCHICAGO and sings into her camera. She’s one lucky fan!

14) Himchan

A video posted by M a g g i e (@magcon92) on

Not only did Mark take a video on her phone, but so did B.A.P.’s Himchan. Every fan wishes they had her luck!

15) Gongchang

A photo posted by M a g g i e (@magcon92) on

B1A4‘s Gongchan uses a fan’s phone to take a very special selfie with fans.


So, make sure your phone has plenty of charge and available memory at your next concert and you might just get the memory of a lifetime!