15 Times MAMAMOO Moonbyul Hated Flower Crowns But Looked Great Anyway

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul doesn’t even try to hide the fact she hates having to wear flower crowns but that doesn’t stop her members from forcing her to wear it. Even though she doesn’t like them, she still looks amazing with them on.

Check out these photos of Moonbyul’s reluctant flower crowns below!

1. It’s like she ate something sour here

2. Even her pout is adorable

3. Her expression just screams ‘save me!’

4. Looking to the fans for help

5. It’s like her soul has left her body

6. Her grudging agreement to putting it on

7. It seems like she’s forgotten all about her flower crown

8. She looks so gorgeous in them!

9. She looks like a goddess here

10. It’s like flower crowns were made for her

11. Even when she’s spaced out it looks gorgeous

12. Flower Crown Queen

13. The crown makes her look so ethereal

14. Even though she’s sulking she’s pretty

15. Cue ‘save me’ expression ver. 2