15 Totally Relatable K-Drama Moments

Korean dramas are more popular than ever, and one of the reasons may be that viewers can often relate.

K-Drama has truly become a global phenomenon with more online platforms popping up, providing subtitled versions for eager fans. Their plot lines are remarkably refreshing, and the actors being easy on the eyes helps too. Watching K-Dramas will probably ruin your future love life, make you have extremely high expectations, and sometimes even make you wish you had two hot guys fighting over you, but fans just can’t seem to get enough of it. We’ve all watched scenes where the characters and made us go “Omg, yes!” “Same” or “I feel you.”

These are 15 times K-drama moments were totally relatable.

1. The most profound quote to get you through life


2. After 5 minutes into writing your paper


3. That one friend who always asks why you’re single


4. When you show your best friend a K-Pop video or drama and they’re not paying any attention


5. When Mom makes you talk to a relative on the phone


6. When you have major FOMO


7. Priorities


8. When your Bias gets into a relationship


9. “What do you have planned for the holidays?”


10. You know hungry is an emotion, because you feel it all the time


11. On an average day


12. After you snap out of stalking your ex’s-new girl’s-sister’s-best friend’s-neighbor’s Instagram


13. That moment we could all relate to Kim Bok Joo

14. When it’s finals review week, but

15. When you lose track of your “diet”. It’s okay, we’ve all been there