15 Year-Old Pristin Member Called “Fat” And Bullied By Fans

Pristin‘s Kyla has allegedly been experiencing harsh treatment from the group’s fans during their performances. 

Kyla has received criticism from some fans, who claim that she’s not managing her weight well and have been calling her overweight. 

Because of these weight issues, Kyla has allegedly been experiencing bullying from Pristin fans.

During performances and festivals, while fans chant and cheer, the crowd consistently goes silent during Kyla’s lines. 

In addition to fan chants that match their lines, the other members also receive cheers when they take center stage.

But during Kyla’s lines, not a single voice can be heard, prompting theories that fans are purposely boycotting her. 

During multiple performances on different shows, fans have gone silent during Kyla’s lines. 

While it is unclear whether or not fans are intentionally going silent to hurt Kyla, it’s become quite a hot issue online.