16 Of The All-Time Best BTS Jin One-Liners

“My life is smeared with my handsomeness.”

1. “Hello, I am Jin. I’m the vocal and the handsome guy.”


2. “I wish I could come here with my girlfriend, but I don’t have one!”


3. “No, His name is T.”


4. “Even the game machine is Jungkook’s Fan!”


5. “I’m working hard! Why am I a grandpa?”


6. “You don’t need anything else, just capture my handsome face.”


7. “I rap just like Jay-Z”


8. (trying to rap)”They let me do this kind of rap, Weekly Idol is hateful!”


9. “Excuse me, hi.”


10. “High-five! I want to eat that.” *shamelessly takes french fries of a stranger’s plate”


11. “We want a …picture…. but, we need a…” *forgets what he was trying to say*


12. “Do you know Korean? You don’t know annyeonghaseyo?”


13. “I want to go coffee shop with you… Let’s go!”


14. “I thought it was going to kill me… I’ve never seen an elephant shout.”


15. “You see, fire is dangerous.”


16. “My life is smeared with my handsomeness.”