16 K-Pop songs that are perfect for jogging to

These 16 songs will have you run, run, running to hear more with their journey inspired lyrics!

It’s all about the journey in these K-Pop hits. Running from responsibility, running to be with a loved one, or just running for the sake of running are some of the themes these 16 top K-Pop tracks include!

Favorites such as BTS‘s hit “Run” tells the story of running toward love, for love, and how being in love can feel like a crazy long journey. Girls’ Generation‘s “Run Devil Run”, is about leaving a relationship and how the partner in the song should run away before the girls get angry!

Listen to the journey these other awesome tracks take you on below!

Girls’ Generation — “Run Devil Run”

CNBLUE — “Run”

HYUNA — “Run & Run”


SPICA — “Lonely”

Wonder Girls — “One Black Night”

Taeyang — “I’ll Be There”

f(x) — “Cowboy”


Hyolyn — “Dope”

ToppDogg — “Runaway”

MBLAQ — “Run”

BTS — “Run”

M.crown — “Daedomumun”

B.A.P — “Albatross”

Dreamcatcher — “Good Night”