16 Year Old Chinese Girl Shares Photos of Her Pregnant Stomach, Gets heavily criticised

A pregnant teen in China has become a hot topic online after showing off her pregnant belly on Weibo.

A girl from Henan, China posted a selfie of herself exposing her full belly, but the internet was more taken aback by how young she was.

The girl was revealed to be 16 years old, born in the year 2000, and the young father is only a year older than her.

“We are married! We are married! We are married! Marriage certificate not obtained yet, and we’re not rushing.”

— Girl’s Weibo Profile

The girl posted on Weibo that they are married and that they will name the baby Li Yunxi if it is a boy.

However, netizens are confused because the legal age for marriage in China is 22 for men and 20 for women.

The photos were reposted 47,000 times and received more than 43,000 comments, with many netizens doubting the couple’s ability to properly care for the baby because of their young age.

In addition, underage pregnancy is something that is culturally frowned upon in Asia, and it is rarely displayed so publically.

Also, netizens expressed that the name Li Yunxi (Lee Yoon Ji) is a common name in Korean dramas, worrying that the young parents are just immature teenagers who perceive life as Korean dramas.

Nevertheless, the couple looks happy as they await their first baby.

Source: World Of Buzz