This 16 Year Old Korean Girl Was Just Picked The Hottest Korean Super Model Of 2017

The competition for the title of Korea’s 2017 Supermodel was fierce, but a young teenager surprised everyone when she rose to the top.

Meet Kim Soo Bin, the 16-year-old who came out on top in Korea’s search for the 2017 supermodel!

Dubbed “Little Shin Min A”, Kim Soo Bin, at 178cm tall, boasts an s-line and long legs that let her rise above the competition.

No wonder she won the daesang, the grand prize, beating out many contestants!

Fans and judges alike were amazed at her beauty and the way she carried herself throughout the contest.

Many have also noted that she seems to meet both Eastern and Western standards of beauty!

What’s more, at 16, she’s not just beautiful but also thoughtful: she was the face of Super Model Contest 2017’s as they delivered a donation to Jeju Island.

Kim Soo Bin certainly appears to have a bright future ahead of her with such early recognition!

Source: Nate News