17 K-Pop Songs That Will Help You You Reach Your Ideal Body

Among New Year’s resolutions, perhaps the most common is to finally go to the gym and work out.

But improving your body and becoming healthier for the new year can be quite a difficult task. In addition to actually going to the gym to start working out, the lack of a proper gym playlist could very well lead to giving up on the gym altogether. Fortunately, there are many songs in K-Pop that are perfect for working out to. With upbeat tempos and catchy lyrics, these songs will definitely keep anyone motivated. Here are 17 songs that were released this year and are perfect for the gym:

1. Zico – “Bermuda Triangle”

2. Bobby – “HOLUP!”

3. BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”

4. Block B BASTARZ – “Make It Rain”

5.  NCT 127 – “Firetruck”

6. GOT7 – “Hard Carry”

7. Monsta X – “Fighter”

8. BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

9. EXO – “Monster”

10. BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

11. K.A.R.D – “Oh NaNa”

12.  I.O.I – “Very Very Very”

13. EXO-CBX – “Hey Mama”

14. B.A.P – “That’s My Jam”

15. TWICE – “Cheer Up”

16. SHINee – “1 of 1”

17. SEVENTEEN – “Boom Boom”