17 Photos of Seohyun at her fansign that show her sweet adorable side

A large number of fan-taken pictures of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun have emerged which showed how sweet and adorable she really is.

On February 5, Seohyun attended a fansign event for the release of her first solo album Don’t Say No. As expected, many fans attended to show their support for Seohyun and most left feeling ecstatic after being enchanted by Seohyun’s sweet charms and adorable looks.

The photos taken by the fans saw Seohyun in her usual maknae image. While she looked young and vibrant, some photos also showed Seohyun giving off funny, childish faces to prove that she’s still a child at heart.

Seohyun may be completely grown up now, but these recent photos show that no matter how hard she tries, Seohyun just can’t quite get rid of her maknae image.

Take a look: