17 Reasons Why BANGTAN’S Jin is F*cking Hilarious

BTS Jin is just, genuinely really freaking funny.

1. His reaction to pranks is priceless

2. He is such a showman for his fans

3. He loves to make fun of people when they are asleep

4. He’s even funny by accident

5. He will always try his best to follow the choreography (even in unfavorable circumstances)

6. He has his own way of communicating with his members

7. He can actually fix an ARMY Bomb

8. Even at the scariest moment, he knows to grab some food to comfort himself

9. He gets excited… often

10. He thinks his jokes are the funniest

11. Nothing will stop him from laughing, even if he has a mouth full of food

12. He can run on a treadmill, looking like a Goddess, showing his S-line figure

13. He will do virtually anything you ask, even if it’s not his forte. (e.g. Rapping)

14. He will virtually do anything you ask, even if it’s not his forte. (e.g. Dancing)

15. He has so much love for himself that he sometimes kisses his cardboard self.

16. When the Mic Drops, Jin picks it up!

17. When he gets fired up on the stage, and realizes he needs some water to cool himself down

Source: Pann