20 Most Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions Of K-Pop

Idols are no strangers to the embarrassing, hilarious and unfortunate wardrobe malfunction!

Sometimes, K-Pop idols’ performance costumes don’t always behave as they’re supposed to, thanks to furious dance routines! From EXO and BTS, to SHINee, G-Dragon and TWICE, no one is safe from the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Check out some of the funniest, embarrassing, and just plain unfortunate clothing mishaps of K-Pop.


1.  EXO‘s Luhan‘s nip-slip

Luhan has had more than one nip-slip, but this close up picture shows just how exposed they were during one concert performance!

Fans also noticed an unfortunate mishap when his open fly exposed his underwear during a Music Bank performance in 2013.


2. EXO‘s Chen‘s pants rip during MAMAs

Not to be outdone by Luhan, Chen also seems to have a few problems with his wardrobe on the stage.

He ripped his pants during EXO’s 2016 MAMA performance, but instead of becoming flustered, he calmly took his jacket off and tied it around his waist!

He continues dancing like a pro!


3. BTS‘s Jungkook‘s shy rip

During an Inkigayo performance in 2016, Jungkook realized he tore his shirt.

The other members didn’t offer to help, just laughed.

And Jungkook shyly finished the performance!


4. EXO‘s Suho promotional hole

Like most of the other EXO members, Suho had a public malfunction when he realized that there was a large hole in the leg of his pants during promotions for EXO’s Show Time!


5. PPL‘s Im So Ah‘s skirt falls off

Perfect Performance Ladies member and racing model Im Sol Ah’s skirt ripped off while she was dancing, but luckily she was wearing shorts underneath! She just laughed and kept dancing!


6. Infinite‘s Sangyeol‘s perfect nipple hole

When a button popped on Sunggyeol’s shirt as he was dancing, it opened up at the perfect place to expose his nipple!


7. EXO‘s Chen‘s power pop

Chen has had more than one wardrobe mishap over the years, but when he got too excited and popped the buttons on his shirt, he had to quickly problem solve.

He tried to do the buttons back up mid-dance…

But realized he couldn’t, so continued with an open shirt.


7. MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon‘s hilarious retreat

Lee Joon was dancing on a variety show in 2010 when his pants ripped in half!

His hilarious reaction was the talk of the nation at the time!


8. G-Dragon‘s cool act

G-Dragon was performing with Taeyang at the 2009 MAMA’s when his pants ripped at the crotch.

He calmly continued and during the performance it’s hard to tell anything was wrong at all.


9. BTOB‘s Minhyuk

Minhyuk’s red underwear mishap was so talked about that he later dyed his hair red to signal to everyone he was over the embarrassment!

He admitted on a radio show that, “It was in order for me to sublimate my pain into a happiness. It means I will accept my past pain and convert it into a part of my identity. I’ve already succeeded at this, so I am by no means embarrassed.”


10. FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki

During a performance of “Madly” on Inkigayo in 2013, Lee Hong Ki’s hand was awkwardly hovering over his crotch the entire time.

He tweeted an apology afterwards, admitting his fly had been down so he was trying to cover it up, but had potentially made it weirder!


11. SHINee‘s Taemin‘s crotch explosion

Taemin’s pants tore during a performance of Sherlock, right when the spotlight was on him!

Unfortunately for him, he was wearing black underwear under bright pink and blue pants, so it was very noticeable!


12. BTS‘s Rapmon and Jimin don’t know their strength

During an early performance on Music Bank, when the boys ripped their upper shirts off to reveal tank tops, Jimin and RM both seemed to rip a little too hard, tearing their tanks.

RM tried to cover his chest like his life depended on it…

But Jimin just continued dancing as if nothing was wrong!


13. CL‘s controversy

2Ne1‘s 2013 performance with Snoop Dog caused a massive argument online when CL’s bra was exposed multiple times. The Korean media labeled it “provocative”.

Fans defended CL from the media comments, but an online war erupted – mentioning HyunA. Netizens argued with CL defenders that HyunA would be torn to shreds if she had done the same, so the double standard was unfair.


14. TWICE‘s Sana falling hair accessory

During the performance of “Likey” on SBS’s 2017 Gayo Daejun, Sana’s white flower hair accessory caused her some trouble by slipping off mid-song, dangling by only a few strands.

She quickly took it off an hid it under her bra in a smooth save that earned her praise from netizens.

It was so quick that most viewers didn’t even notice it, with Sana’s knowing look at Mina the only indication something had happened!


15. Dreamcatcher’s Sua‘s costume question

During a busking event, Sua’s crop top kept flying up during the choreography to “Flying High.”

Fans wondered what her stylist was thinking, cutting it shorter at the front so that it barely covered her chest.


16. EXO‘s Leeteuk‘s ripped pants

During a performance of the “Lo Siento” concert in Argentina, Leeteuk ripped his pants but didn’t realize until much later, causing a stir when the size of the hole was revealed on stage!


17. Apink‘s Naeun‘s ripped leather pants

During a performance this year, Naeun’s tight leather pants couldn’t take her exertion and ripped in the crotch as she performed seated choreography.

But of course she soldiered on like a true professional, completing a few more songs before being able to change.


18. CLC’s Seungyeon exposes her bra

Seungyeon’s bra was exposed during a performance that involved some jumping and a very thin shirt!


19. GFRIEND‘s Eunha‘s dress slip

During a performance of “Rain In The Springtime” on MBC‘s Show Champion, the sleeve of Eunha’s white layered dress slid off of her shoulder and half of her shirt hung loose at the side.

But she continued dancing and finished the song as if nothing was wrong!


20. EXO‘s change room collapse

During EXO’s “EXO Planet 2 – Evolution” tour in Macau, they had a rather big mishap when their “change room” fell apart, exposing all the boys as they were various states of undress.

Baekhyun saved the day by distracting the audience with an impromptu dance number, but everyone in the group was stunned and scrambling for a minute!