18 Male Korean Stars Who Are Completely In Love With Yoona

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is known for her beauty, and like many of her fans, male idols can’t help but fall for her too.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. ALL 2PM MembersDuring 2PM‘s variety show, Idol Army Show on MBC, a couple of members of Girls’ Generation came out as guests. One of the segments required the guys to choose a girl as their partner. Both Chansung and Nichkhun ended up choosing Yoona as their ideal partner.

It seems as if Chansung and Nichkhun are not the only members who are fans of Yoona. During the Star Golden Bell Idol Special, the members of 2PM were asked to choose who their favorite member was. Chansung, of course, chose Yoona. Junho and Taecyeon also chose Yoona. Taecyeon reasoned that it was because she was beautiful. Junho claimed it was because she knows how to be funny.

6, 7, 8. Highlight

When the members of Highlight first debuted, they made a guest appearance on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio program. There, they were asked to choose their favorite Girls’ Generation member. DongwoonHyunseung, and Junhyung all chose Yoona.

9. BIGBANG Daesung

When Daesung was an official cast member of the comic variety show, Family Outing on SBS, Yoona had made an appearance on the show. When he saw her, he couldn’t hide his excitement and began to show how much he liked her. He couldn’t help but try to impress her, even though many of his attempts failed.


10. Jay Park

When asked who Jay Park thought was the best idol girl group, he replied with Girls’ Generation. Out of all the members, he chose Yoona. He claimed that he was very thankful towards her because she greeted him warmly when they met at Ne-Yo’s concert.

11. Lee Jun Ki

During a news segment, Lee Jun Ki mentioned Girls’ Generation. When asked which member he favors, he immediately replied with Yoona.

He even sent a video message to Yoona when he was in the army.

12. Park Ji Sung

Park Ji Sung was speculated to have liked Yoona for a while before he confirmed this through Running Man. He was given several girl group options and ended up choosing Girls’ Generation. When asked to choose one member out of Girls’ Generation, he also chose Yoona.

13. B1A4 Gongchan

When B1A4 appeared on the famous idol variety show Weekly Idol, the hosts asked the members which girl group they wanted to get close with. Gongchan replied with Girls’ Generation and mentioned member Yoona.

14. Jo Kwon

On an episode of KBS‘s Sang Sang Plus, Jo Kwon was asked to choose who he thought was the prettiest out of all the female guests there. He chose BEG‘s Gain as the one with the most charms, but Goo Hara as the prettiest one. However, when asked who he thinks is the prettiest out of all girl group members, he chose Yoona.

15. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi has been known for being a huge fan of Yoona since she has debuted. The two even dated for a time between 2014 and 2015. Before they were in a relationship, Lee Seung Gi always made sure to show his love for Yoona. It was no longer a surprise when he kept claiming Yoona was his ideal type.

16 and 17. Fly to the Sky Brian and Super Junior Leeteuk

On an episode of SBS‘s talk show Strong Heart, Yoona revealed that there was one person that kept telling her she had to marry him in the future. She revealed this person to be Leeteuk. As mentioned before, Lee Seung Gi is a huge fan of Yoona. When he heard this, he was infuriated. Leeteuk even claimed Yoona is his ideal woman. During the same episode, Brian claimed he would also like to marry Yoona.

18. SHINee JonghyunOn an episode of MBC‘s idol show Flower Boys’ Generation, the hosts asked Jonghyun to pick his favorite member out of the Girls’ Generation members. Although he had a hard time at first, he ultimately chose Yoona.

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