18 Year Old Actress Kim So Hyun’s Shy Reaction After Doing A Kiss Scene Goes Viral 

She couldn’t control herself and started blushing right after this scene happened.

Kim So Hyun started acting from a very young age making her a veteran actress at 18 years old…


But when it comes to filming her kissing scenes, behind-the-scenes clips reveal a blushing little lady.


The actress is currently starring in a drama Radio Romance with idol turned actor Yoon Doojoon. Although there may be a ten year gap between them, their chemistry for the drama was well-received.


So well-received that even their kissing scenes were described as “heart fluttering” and immediately went viral.


Upon closer look, however, you can see that Kim So Hyun looked a bit shy and smiled after the cameras stopped rolling…


Doojoon also did the same thing upon noticing her reaction. In other clips, fans even saw him making an effort in making the atmosphere light and less awkward.


A lot of reaction for a kiss scene!


Source: Instiz
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