This 18-Year-Old Girl Is One Of The Choreographers Behind BTS’s “Dionysus”

What a young and talented dancer.

Since the release of BTS‘s EP, Map Of The Soul: PersonaARMYs have been begging for a performance of the song, “Dionysus”.

Their wishes came true when BTS performed the song for the first time on  M Countdown.

ARMYs couldn’t get enough of the amazing choreography.

If you thought the choreography was amazing, wait till you meet 18-year-old Sienna Lalau, one of the choreographers behind the epic dance moves BTS showed.

Sienna choreographed the epic dance with Andrew Elam, and they are both dancers under The Lab Creative Arts Studio (@inthelab247).

ARMYs can’t get enough of the amazing talent displayed by the young dancers.

We can’t wait for more live performances of “Dionysus”, can you?


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