1MILLION Dance Studio’s Lia Kim Shocked By ATEEZ San’s Flexibility

Hongjoong left a great impression too

On the March 24 episode of Idol Radio, ATEEZ members Hongjoong and San starred as special DJs on the show. To go along with this special occasion, talented 1MILLION Dance Studio choreographers Lia Kim, Tina Boo, and Minny Park graced the show as special guests.

For fun, Tina Boo tried teaching San the choreography for Sunmi‘s song “LALALAY”, which she and Lia Kim choregraphed themselves. Much to their surprise and delight, the ATEEZ member learned the dance in about a minute, which he then performed with Tina Boo. Watch the clip here:

Lia Kim commented particularly on San’s flexibility, which she claimed was even better than Tina’s! And we can see why – just look at his hips in the dance!

Minny Park then took Hongjoong up to learn the choreography for MAMAMOO‘s “Hip”, which he also learned very quickly! Lia Kim complimented how fast both of the ATEEZ members were at learning dances when she then taught both of them Sunmi’s “Gashina”, one of her most well-known idol choreographies.

Watch the rest of the clips here:

Fans are loving the interactions between the idols and choreographers!

Maybe an ATEEZ song could be choreographed by a 1MILLION Dance Studio choreographer in the future?