1TEAM Talks About How They Spent Their Time Before Finally Coming Back After Nine Months

They are finally back!

Group 1TEAM will be making their official comeback on August 4 at 6 PM KST with their new digital single ULLAELI KKOLLAELI! This five-member group will be making their first comeback in nine months with their last mini album from November 2019.

Their new single takes the elements of rock sound with a bit of hip-hop to show off a freer and fun sound. The boys sat down with ET-ENT for a comeback interview.

It’s been nine months since your last comeback. How have you all been?

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Jehyun: We’ve been preparing for our comeback during this long hiatus. I’ve been working on other music while working out and playing games.

BC: We’ve been continuously working on our music and because of that our own style of music was born.

Jinwoo: Because our hiatus was so long, we were able to work harder and upgrade our image. I worked hard after seeing BC’s individual works.

Junghoon: With this long nine month hiatus, I am able to see how precious promoting and seeing our fans can be. So I’ve been working out more in order to show a better image.

Rubin: We tried hard to communicate with fans through social media during our hiatus and we’ve been working hard in order to show our best for our fans.

Please introduce your new title track.

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BC: The first release from our digital single project is ULLAELI KKOLLAELI and it’s about making fun of a friend who is going through a break up.

What parts should we focus on when listening to ULLAELI KKOLLAELI?

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Jehyun: We hope that you focus on each member’s individual parts to find fun points that create the synergy among all of us.

Jinwoo: There is a bit of ‘satoori’ in the ad-lib parts of the song. It will be fun to see the chemistry between the members during the performance

What’s next for 1TEAM?

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BC: We hope to show different sides to our group with our new album. We will continue to work hard to show our efforts.

Jehyun: It’s been a long time since we last had a comeback and we have a different state of mind. We will continue to work hard so that more people will know about us.

Jinwoo: We watched our past performances during our break and we could see many parts that we could have improved on. We will work hard to promote this new album with no regrets.

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Watch the music video teaser below the actual release dropping at 6 PM KST on August 4!

Source: et news