Kim Jong Min Shares Thoughts on 2D1N’s Hiatus Caused by Jung Joon Young’s Scandal

Kim Jong Min lost his job of 10 years as a result.

Kim Jong Min recently attended a press conference that was held for Channel A’s Earthian Live where he was asked about the hiatus of the popular variety show, 2 Days & 1 Night.

In response, Kim Jong Min replied, “I don’t know exactly what’s going on with 2 Days & 1 Night, but my heart is very heavy. Since I’m not very good at talking, I’m also afraid that saying anything might cause unintended harm.” He also added, “I haven’t talked to the producers about it, so I don’t know what will happen yet. I’m sorry if that didn’t answer your question.

Kim Jong Min has starred in the show as their senior member for the last 10 years. And he did so well on the show that he even received an award at the KBS Entertainment Awards.

But unfortunately, due to Jung Joon Young‘s recent charge and imprisonment for filming and distributing illegal videos, 2 Days & 1 Night went into a hiatus, and there’s even talk about canceling the show indefinitely.

It’s disappointing that the only original member won’t be seen on the popular variety show anymore, but he will soon star in Channel A’s Earthian Live, which is a show that will discuss various issues from around the world.

Source: Insight

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