2 GFRIEND Members Just Dyed Their Hair Completely For The FIRST Time and Everyone’s Losing it

These two GFRIEND members got a complete makeover with their new hairstyles!

GFRIEND‘s SinB and Yuju have always kept a darker more conservative shade of hair color, but they’ve recently changed with completely dyed hair!


SinB showed up at the airport with near-blonde hair!


This was shocking to fans because SinB has never dyed her hair this light since her debut.


According to fans, her new hairdo makes her look more Japanese than Korean!

  • “Is it me or does SinB look more Japanese now?”
  • “She looks like a Japanese girl group idol!!!”


In fact, GFRIEND has been gaining popularity in Japan and have even been published in a Japanese newspaper!

Source: Instagram


Yuju also added to the shock with a totally new hairstyle of her own.


She went for a brighter shade of red wine.


Although she was still very attractive with her previous hairdo, the red color seems to give her a refreshing new image!


What’s for sure is that both stars look absolutely gorgeous with their new hair colors.


And it really makes them stand out!

Source: Instagram


New hairstyles usually means a brand new comeback, so Buddys definitely have something to look forward to!

Source: Instagram
Source: Pann Nate and Sports World


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