These Are The 2 Girl Group Debuts That Left The Biggest Impact On Koreans

They’re legendary!

Every year, numerous girl groups debut in the K-Pop industry. It’s not only rare for a girl group to gain instant popularity, but it’s also nearly impossible for them to be considered “legendary” from the get-go. Recently, netizens discussed the two debut songs that left the biggest impact on Korean society.

Check them out below!


2NE1‘s debut song “Fire” quickly became a hot topic after it was released on May 6, 2009. The song went on to win number one on various charts, and the group clinched their first win on SBS‘s Inkigayo not long afterwards.

It wasn’t just the song itself that became popular among Koreans. Dara‘s ponytail hairstyle also went viral, and people loved the hype performance the girls gave each time they were on stage. Today, it is considered one of K-Pop’s most legendary songs.

Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

Miss A debuted with the song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” on July 1, 2010. They won first place on Mnet‘s M!Countdown 21 days after their debut, becoming the fastest girl group at that time to take the number one spot. Their biggest achievement, however, is being the only group to have won the “Song Of The Year” daesang with their debut title track at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

According to netizens, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was so popular that even regular citizens knew of it, and their choreography was such a hit that people of all ages danced to it. Like 2NE1’s “Fire”, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” is now considered legendary.

Source: Instiz