These Are The 2 Most Iconic MAMA Stages, According to Netizens

Legendary stages.

MAMA, known fully as the Mnet Asian Music Awards, has been going on every year since 1999. Netizens have narrowed down each performance put on by artists every year and have chosen what they deem as the two most iconic MAMA performances to date.

1. BTS

In 2017, BTS put on a mega performance with over four songs. After their intro, they performed “Not Today” and “DNA.” After, the rap line shooked everyone with their performance of “Cypher pt.4,” and then the group finished it off with “MIC DROP (Steve Aoki Remix).” People’s hearts were snatched, and many people became fans of BTS after their legendary performance.


In 2014, the two members of BIGBANG partnered up together to perform their hit single “GOOD BOY.” After, they made sure to hype up the crowd with their duo version of “FANTASTIC BABY,” efficiently making sure everyone was up from their suits and dancing.

Source: TheQoo