These 2 idols look so good in anything, they could be runway models

BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have such flawless visuals that they could pass as runway models.

Every K-Pop idol has their own charms and aspects that make them attractive; however, there are some idols that are just downright flawless. Among the idols that are just dripping in beauty and good looks, BTS’s V and BLACKPINK have been the center of attention lately for their jaw-dropping visuals as we mentioned in a previous article.

ARMY’s on Twitter are so determined to put V’s handsome looks on the runway, that the fandom even started petitions and hashtags on social media as an attempt to allow V to become an actual Gucci model.

We don’t blame ARMY’s because these two idols have the potential to rock the runway.

V has top notch visuals. His appearance is so perfect, even down to his skin complexion.


V looks like an angel with blonde hair.
Taehyung can pull of any hair color. It’s a talent.
V’s natural skin complexion is so nice and youthful.
Jennie has such long and beautiful legs!
Jennie’s appearance is both youthful and classy.
Jennie has such gentle facial features.
Jennie’s style is unlike any others. She can be cool and sassy, yet elegant and pretty.