Only 2 Idols Have Been Promoted To Full Members Of The Presitigous KOMCA In 2024

Congratulations to the two!

 As of February 1, it has now been confirmed that SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has also been promoted to full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA).

As a K-Pop idol, becoming a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) is akin to receiving a Michelin star in the culinary universe. Each year, only a select few make the cut. This prestigious recognition is not just about popularity — it’s about earning your stripes.


To become eligible, an artist must earn at least 30 million won per year in royalties, receive the nod from the board of directors, and have been a junior member for a minimum of three years. In 2024, two idols achieved this remarkable feat and as a result, they’ve become full members of the association.


BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has been making waves as a solo artist. In 2023, he proved his musical prowess with several accolades. His solo album GOLDEN became the first K-Pop soloist album to surpass 2 billion streams on Spotify and maintained a 12-week presence on the Billboard 200, setting a new record for a K-Pop solo album on the chart​​​.

| Calvin Klein

The BTS star has had multiple writing credits throughout his career, including over 18 BTS tracks and 6 of his own. Jungkook has contributed to BTS’s music since his debut in 2013 and has never stopped since.

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Another notable work of his is the FIFA World Cup 2022 song, “Dreamers,” which saw the star performing solo on the biggest stage in front of tens of thousands.

| SBS Inkigayo

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

In 2023, (G)I-DLE’s leader Soyeon significantly contributed to the group’s success and her own artistic growth, which likely played a crucial role in her promotion to a full member of the KOMCA.

Soyeon, renowned for her songwriting and producing talents, was a driving force behind (G)I-DLE’s music. She wrote, composed, and arranged several tracks for the group, demonstrating her multifaceted skills. Even most recently, Soyeon has worked on almost every track on the girl group’s new album, including the title track, “Super Lady.”

In addition to her contributions to (G)I-DLE’s music, Soyeon also played a pivotal role in defining and maintaining the group’s distinct image and ethos. She has always been focused on expressing authenticity and individuality through their music, which aligns with the group’s ethos of embracing one’s true self​.

The journey to becoming a full member of the KOMCA is not just about producing hits; it’s about demonstrating consistent excellence and contribution to the music industry. Both Jungkook and Soyeon have shown that they are not just idols but artists who have the influence and talent to shape the future of K-Pop.