These 2 Rookies Debuted In 3 Different K-Pop Groups…But They Keep Failing

These idols have debuted 3 times within just 3 years and have failed each time.

Sanha and Sarang are two rookies who debuted under three different K-Pop groups but failed at achieving fame each time.


They first debuted as in the 3-member K-Pop group called SUS4 in March 2015. Their digital single was titled “Shake It”.


Then Sarang left the group, and SUS4 released another digital single titled “Pick Me Up” without her before disbanding in November 2016.


In January 2017, Sanha and Sarang as well as another former SUS4 member debuted as the group H2L.


They released their digital single “Winter Story” but didn’t release a music video before their disbandment just 4 months later.


Sanha and Sarang then debuted yet again in November 2017 as O My Jewel with the Russian member Sophia.

Source: Instagram


They never made an official debut and was disbanded in March 2018 with their last performance at the M5 Music Festival.


Not much is known about what these members are up to next, but seeing their persistence and passion from the past 3 debuts, they will hopefully present themselves to their fans once again through another comeback!

Source: News Free Zone and Instiz