2 Years Post-Disbandment: Where Are The APRIL Members Now?

Here’s what all the members are up to now.

It has been two years since the beloved K-Pop group APRIL disbanded, leaving fans curious about the individual journeys of its members. The DSP Media girl group disbanded on January 22, 2022 after a year of inactivity following a major bullying scandal that shook the industry.

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From pursuing acting careers to dealing with controversies and dating rumors, the members have embarked on diverse paths.


Chaekyung took a significant step on April 25 — months after the group’s disbandment — when she signed with Management A.M.9, an acting agency. This move indicated her shift from singing to acting, reflecting a new chapter in her career. Although specific details about her acting projects are yet to be revealed, her fans are eagerly waiting to see her on the screen.


Jinsol, known for her vocal prowess in APRIL, has also pivoted towards acting. She signed with Story&Plus, indicating her commitment to exploring new opportunities in the acting domain. Her fans anticipate seeing her showcase her talents in a different light.


Yena’s post-APRIL career has been dynamic. After signing with Star Base Management, she has not only taken on various acting roles but is also set to star in an upcoming movie. Her personal life made headlines with dating rumors involving soccer player Soul Young Woo, sparked by observations of “couple items” and her name on his soccer cleats. However, these rumors remain unconfirmed with neither party commenting on them.


Chaewon has continued to engage with her fan base after signing with Ranggoon Entertainment. Her fan meeting in October, titled With You, was a testament to her ongoing connection with her supporters. It’s a reflection of her commitment to maintaining her presence in the entertainment industry.


Somin’s journey post-APRIL has been quite successful as a member of the co-ed group KARD. Her experience in APRIL undoubtedly contributed to her success in this new group, where she continues to charm fans with her talent.


Rachel remains the only APRIL member still associated with DSP Media. Her future endeavors are awaited by fans who hope to see more of her talents in the coming years.


Post-APRIL, Hyunjoo completed her acting commitments in various web dramas up to the scandal involving the group. Currently, without a contract with any agency, she has expressed a desire to lead a normal life, stepping away from the limelight.


Following APRIL’s disbandment, Lee Naeun transitioned smoothly into her acting career. Signing with Namoo Actors in June 2022, she marked her return to the screen with a special appearance in Flex X Cop in November 2023 after a two-year hiatus. Her journey wasn’t without its challenges, as she found herself amidst dating rumors with soccer star Lee Kang In at the start of this year. However, both parties denied these rumors, maintaining that they were merely acquaintances.