It’s Been 2 Years Since TWICE Released “Signal” And Here’s Why It’s One Of Their Most Iconic Eras

What TWICE did with “Signal”: That.

May 15 marks 2 years since TWICE‘s “Signal” was released and begun one of TWICE’s most defining eras.

“Signal” and “What Is Love” are TWICE’s 2nd most successful songs promoted on music shows. “Signal” and “What Is Love” both earned the girls 12 wins, coming in 2nd only to “TT” which got them 13 wins.

“Signal” was also very musically different for TWICE, and it paid off! “Signal” won the daesang (grand prize) award for Song of the Year at the 2017 MAMA – as did “CHEER UP” in 2016, and “What Is Love” in 2018! “Signal” contributed to making TWICE one of two girl groups to ever receive multiple Song of the Year daesang awards (the other is 2NE1). TWICE is also the one and only group to have won three years – in a row at that!

“Signal” not only did numbers, but it gave ONCEs a certified bop as well as some iconic visuals. Some ONCE would even debate that “Signal” is TWICE’s best title track. ONCEs on Twitter have been reliving their favorite “Signal” memories through the hashtag #2YearsWithSignal

Two years later, there’s nothing more we could’ve asked for from TWICE – not even if we could go back in time with Nayeon’s time-traveling pen.