20+ Before/After Photos Of Park Bo Gum That Show How His Good-Looks Transformed Over The Years

See how Park Bo Gum transformed from a chubby-cheeked kid to a visual king!

Park Bo Gum is a walking work of art but like any great painting, he started out as a sketch and transformed into a masterpiece over time.


The 24-year-old actor looked much different as a child than he does today.


His cheeks were chubbier and his face was rounder, but in this photo we see the beginning of Park Bo Gum’s dazzling, signature smile.


Today Park Bo Gum is tall and lean, but for a period of his young life he was a bit on the chubbier side.


By the time he graduated middle school, Park Bo Gum’s chubby cheeks were slimming down and his cheekbones were on the rise!


During his teenage years, Park Bo Gum lost weight and wore his hair very short.


There’s no denying that Park Bo Gum was one cute kid…


…but his visuals really started to shine as he transitioned from his teens to his twenties.


Park Bo Gum entered the public eye at in 2011, when he made his acting debut as Min Dong-hyun in the crime-thriller Blind. 

The role of Kim Ha-neul‘s troublemaking younger brother suited 18-year-old Park Bo Gum’s handsome, youthful looks.   


In 2012, Park Bo Gum played the younger version of Kang Ji-hwan‘s character in the action-comedy film Runway Cop. In this role, 19-year-old Park Bo Gum showed off his spunky charms…


…and toned physique!

Park Bo Gum must have worked hard to lose his childhood baby fat!


In 2012, Park Bo Gum also appeared as a minor character in the historical drama Bridal Mask. Even though he was the same age in Bridal Mask as he was in Runway Cop, his mature role made him appear older.


His bone structure is also slightly more defined here than it was in Blind, giving Park Bo Gum a more intense look would later help him portray other characters…


…like Officer Lee Jin-ho in the 2014 crime-thriller A Hard Day. 


21-year-old Park Bo Gum branched out from his former teen roles to play a young police officer.


His well-defined jawline and cheekbones, which slowly surfaced through the years, give Park Bo Gum a more chiseled, manly look.


Park Bo Gum’s looks reached perfection in 2015, at the same time the actor starred in his break-out role in Hello Monster. 


At this time, the 22-year-old actor was sporting sweeping, dark brown hair that drew focus to his gorgeous eyes and bone structure.


Late in 2015, Park Bo Gum chopped off his locks to play a genius Go player in Reply 1988. The hairstyle was similar to the ones he wore as a child, and gave him a sweet, innocent look.


After Reply 1988 wrapped up, Park Bo Gum began to grow out his hair again…


…and became even more dashing along the way!


As of April 2018, Park Bo Gum is rocking long, luscious locks!


His hair is the most gorgeous it’s ever been…


…and so is Park Bo Gum! Like a masterpiece or a fine wine, he only gets better with time!