+200,000 Koreans Voted And BTS’s RM Was Declared The Best Leader In K-Pop

Choosing between these leaders would have been hard!

There are a lot of great leaders in K-Pop. Each leader is pretty unique in the way that they lead their other members, so choosing the best leader in K-Pop is extremely hard. But a poll by Mnet has attempted to pinpoint one of the best leaders and the results are in!


With choices between fantastic leaders like SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups and Red Velvet‘s Irene, netizens had a hard choice to make in deciding the best leader.


But once the results were in, it was BTS‘s RM that came out on top with 121,193 votes, meaning he had almost 53% of the total votes!


He was followed by SHINee‘s Onew who grabbed an equally amazing number of votes. With 70,592 votes Onew grabbed almost 31% of all the votes!


Third place was taken by SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups who had 19,626 votes, giving him 8.6% of the total votes.


INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Red Velvet’s Irene, and Apink‘s Chorong rounded out the voting with their own impressive numbers.

Sunggyu had over 8,000 votes, Irene had close to 6,000 votes, and Chorong had almost 4,000 votes.


Although the poll didn’t include all K-Pop leaders, choosing between these six would have extremely hard! Congratulations to all of them for their impressive numbers and to RM for taking the crown!

Source: @OfficialMwave