BTS’s J-Hope Went From Getting No Fan Mail To Being Loved By Millions

In his predebut days, there was a time when J-Hope didn’t receive messages from fans.

Without all seven members, BTS isn’t BTS. ARMYs pride themselves on stanning the whole group, but unfortunately, in the beginning, that OT7 love wasn’t expressed by all.

On March 24, 2013, two months before BTS debut, J-Hope recorded a log to connect with the unnamed fandom that would become ARMY.

When he visited BTS’s official fan cafe to see what its 899 users were up to…

…he discovered messages for other BTS members, but none for himself.

Although this must have been disappointing, especially for a trainee, J-Hope smiled and sang “it’s okay” to himself.

It took some fans time to see J-Hope’s charms, but now, seven years later, he is a source of happiness for millions of people around the world!

His powerful performances and upbeat spirit brighten ARMY’s darkest days.

What did we ever do to deserve him?