2016’s 6 Most Iconic K-Pop Dances

2016 is winding down, but we will remember these dances into the new year.

This year gave us loads of great songs, and it also gave us great dances to go with them. Here are the six dances that fans and idols alike couldn’t stop performing.

EXO – Monster

EXO‘s summer comeback with “Monster” was an instant hit and featured amazing choreography. The sharp movements and awesome formation changes had everyone dancing along.  SM Entertainment even released a dance practice video and dance performance video for this song.

Twice – Cheer Up

Twice‘s rise to K-Pop fame could be credited to “Cheer Up”. Not only were many people dancing to it, they were singing along too! Nobody could stop doing Sana‘s famous “Shy Shy Shy” dance.

BTS – Fire

There’s no denying that BTS had an amazing year. Their song “Fire” was well received all over the world. The dance was just as fun as the song and K-Pop idols couldn’t help dancing along. During Weekly Idol, I.O.I‘s Yoojung quickly started to cover “Fire” as soon as she heard it playing and definitely showed her best. Yoojung’s dancing starts at @2:58.


GFRIEND had an amazing year with their songs “Rough” and “Navillera”. “Rough” even achieved a perfect all-kill when it was first released. It was their appearance on Weekly Idol dancing to “Rough” at double speed that really impressed fans. GFRIEND showed that they are able to master their choreography at any speed.

Twice – TT

Rounding out the end of the year, Twice came back with “TT” and this song and dance also trended among K-Pop idols. The easy-to-follow dance and its resemblance to the crying emoticon helped it become iconic.

Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

With their quirky and fun concepts, Red Velvet came back this year with their title song “Russian Roulette” and the dance to match it. Aside from the girls rocking all their live performances, fans were happy to see groups like BTS and EXO also dancing along. Resident Red Velvet fan J-Hope and Jungkook showed off their awesome dance skills covering “Russian Roulette”. Red Velvet would definitely be proud!