Netizens Unearthed The Passport Photos Of 20+ Idols… And You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Passport and school photos are notorious for making the individuals in them look worse than they do in photos or regular life, but these photos show that even passport photos can’t diminish the beauty of some of Korea’s top celebrities.

Korean celebrities are known for their flawless beauty, especially when they are seen on TV or in pictorials but, in these instances, some of the credit inevitably goes to the team of professional stylists, makeup artists, and camera operators. The celebrities in the following photos had no such help, and yet they looked incredibly flawless.1. Moon Chae Won

2. Gong Seung Yeon

3. IU

4. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

5. Kim Tae Hee

6. AOA’s Seolhyun

7. Lee Joo Yeon

8. f(x)’s Krystal

9. Girl’s Day’s Yura

10. Gayoon

11. Girls’ Generation’s Jessica

12. Girl’s Day’s Minah

13. Kim Hee Sun

14. Son Ye Jin

15. Kim Go Eun

16. Ha Yeon Soo

17. Choi Yoojung

18. Shin Min Ah

19. Girl’s Day’s Sojin

20. TWICE’s Nayeon

21. Soyeon

22. TWICE’s Dahyun