23-Year-Old Mother Of Quadruplets Shares Photo Of Stretch Marks, Fires Back At Haters

She shut down all the haters who called her post-baby belly “disgusting.”

23-year-old mother of quadruplets Doreen Ching is firing back at haters who called her disgusting after she posted pictures online exposing the realities of giving birth.


The young mother posted pictures of her stomach to social media to proudly show the post natal changes, including long stretch marks and sagging skin.


The stretch marks are from nurturing four children at once in her small stomach.


The image went viral in her home country of Malaysia, and then Singapore and Taiwan. Unfortunately, not all the attention was positive.

“Many people posted mean comments saying it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘ugly’ and they ‘wanted to vomit’. To them I want to say, do you respect women? Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who give birth and still work.” — Doreen Ching


It was a long journey to self-acceptance for Doreen, who after giving birth at 21 years old, looked at her stomach and cried.

No amount of surgery would fix the stretch marks, so she came to accept this was the way she would always be.


She now realizes it’s not important and even has the confidence to truly love her body.

“I’m proud and perfect.” — Doreen Ching


She’s not going to hide her proud scars. She’ll wear them beautifully even in a bikini!


Through her pain and suffering, she received the best gift of all… Her beautiful four children Jensen, Jayden, Jasper and Jazreel!

Source: Dispatch and Metro