[★BREAKING] 27 Year Old Korean Actor Sentenced To Jail For Drug Abuse

Actor Choi Chang Yup has been sentenced to 1.5 years imprisonment for drug usage.

The actors was arrested by the police last September under suspicion of using methamphetamine at a house in Seoul, Sinlim-dong. It has been revealed that he administered the drugs in May in an unidentified place in Gangnam.

Choi Chang Yup debuted in 2011 on the show “Human Survival Challenger” and gained his fame through the drama “School 2013“. He has confessed to all of his crimes and is constantly writing a letter of apology and requesting for a lighter sentence.

Online shopping host Ryu Jae Young was arrested under the same charge after abusing the drug with Choi Chang Yup and has been sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.

The actor played the role of Kim Min Ki on the popular hit drama “School 2013“.

Fans of the hit drama 2013 have expressed their sore disappointment at the crime the actor has committed.