2AM’s Ingenious Tip On How Members From Different Agencies Can Easily Reunite To Make A Comeback

Based on their personal experience.

Veteran idol group 2AM recently made a highly anticipated comeback with the album Ballad 21 F/W after a seven-year hiatus.

In an episode of IU’s Palette, they shared how they were able to reunite and release new songs even when they are all signed under different agencies.

IU asked how they were able to make a comeback, and Seulong explained that it was something they had decided together as early as November 2020. Unfortunately, it took longer than expected because they needed the input of each member’s company.

We all agreed to it, and we talked about it around November, December of last year, but we were under different agencies. Even if we technically agreed to it, going back and forth between agencies required some time.

— Seulong

That prompted IU to ask if they had any tips for other K-Pop groups who may have similar situations. Jinwoon shared that before embarking on different paths, they each agreed to make 2AM their priority no matter what they were doing.

We talked about this before. We should find what each of us wants to do, but coming back as 2AM should be our priority. That should be the basis.

— Jinwoon

In fact, it wasn’t just a verbal agreement—they even included it in their individual contracts!

We agreed to put it in the contract. 2AM is the number one priority even if we’re separated into different pieces. We wrote all of that.

— Seulong

Adding the stipulation to their contracts made their reunion a smoother process. If other K-Pop groups were to do the same, fans would be able to see more long-awaited reunions!


Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube