2AM’s Seulong Apologizes To The Victim And Family Members For Tragic Accident

He is in complete shock.

2AM’s Seulong, who was involved in a car accident, expressed his deep sorrow and apology to the victim and family members.

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On August 4, Jellyfish Entertainment released an official statement regarding the tragic accident. “We hope the victim rests in peace and express our deepest condolences to the family members.”

On August 1, Seulong was driving his car when an accident occurred on the slippery road. While driving, the car crashed into a pedestrian who was jaywalking across the street. Seulong requested for medical assistance right after the accident but unfortunately the pedestrian passed away on the way to the hospital.

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Seulong has followed the police for investigation and is currently at home in a state of shock. The police investigation results have not been confirmed so please understand that we cannot state any more details on this matter. However, he knows how painful it must be and deeply apologizes to the remaining family members.

| @lsod.d/Instagram

The police have reported that Seulong was not under the influence during the accident. Seulong will be going in for more investigation with the police soon.

Source: kmib