2AM’s Jokwon Once Gave Advice To Big Hit Entertainment Trainees…And Some Of The BTS Members Were Present

They look so young.

2AM was co-managed by JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment from 2010-2014, so the members got to see trainees from both of the companies. In 2012, Jokwon decided to give some advice to the trainees of Big Hit Entertainment.

Some familiar faces are seen as some of the trainees were the future members of BTS.

RM in the red hat

One of the things that Jokwon highlighted in his advice to the trainees was about dating. Jin looked extremely serious and was listening to every word that Jokwon was saying.

Despite being a trainee for 8 years, Jokwon never dated anyone during that time.

There was even a time where another trainee had feelings for Jokwon. Jokwon recognized that even though they had feelings for each other, dating wasn’t the right choice at the time. Jin was listening intensely once again.

Suga and Jungkook had a less serious reaction to Jokwon’s story and found it more humorous.

Suga listened intently when Jokwon started to talk about the joy fans can present to an artist and how it can cheer them up.

Here is the full video below!