The One 2nd Generation Male K-Pop Group Kim Jaejoong’s Sister Considers Her “Forever Idol”

Jaejoong interviewed two fellow 2nd-gen stars and revealed his sister’s favorite K-Pop group.

Kim Jaejoong has been an idol for two decades, having debuted in top 2nd-gen K-Pop group, TVXQ in 2003, before continuing his career in JYJ with fellow former TVXQ members Junsu and Yoochun as well as releasing music as a solo artist.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

Recently, Kim Jaejoong began a new venture as the host of his own variety program, JaeFriends.

In the two episodes he’s released so far, Jaejoong has entertained guests by asking them questions while cooking for them. As a twist, Jaejoong doesn’t know who his guest is going to be and has to guess who they are from clues provided by staff members before the guest can appear.

| @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

For his most recent episode, Jaejoong’s guests were two fellow 2nd-gen stars, INFINITE‘s Sungjong and TEEN TOP‘s Niel.

Both groups recently made long-awaited comebacks, with TEEN TOP making a comeback for the first time in four years and INFINITE making their first comeback in five years.

INFINITE in August 2023 | @IFNT_Official_/Twitter
TEEN TOP in August 2023 | @TEEN_TOP/Twitter

During the episode, Jaejoong praised the two younger idols, revealing that he knew of them because of their groups’ reputations for having impressively synchronized dancing.

While discussing this fact, Jaejoong accidentally misidentified Niel as a member of INFINITE, leading Niel and Sungjong to hilariously tease their sunbae about the fact he made the mix-up.

Jaejoong quickly assured him that he knew who both of the idols were and shared that his fourth oldest sister was a huge fan of Niel, and called her to prove it after revealing his sister would consistently send him videos of the TEEN TOP member to watch.

When his sister answered, Jaejoong asked her to guess who he was with, hinting that it was the idol she loved. With no hesitation, in disbelief, she asked, “It can’t be Niel? It can’t be TEEN TOP?” before Niel introduced himself.

Jaejoong’s sister revealed that TEEN TOP was the first K-Pop group she liked, and when Jaejoong asked her to describe TEEN TOP, she sweetly called them her “forever idol.”

Check out more of the fun interactions of the three 2nd-gen K-Pop idols in the video below!