2nd Place Boy From “MIXNINE” Is So Pretty He Could Pass As A Girl (9 Photos)

He really is a flower boy!

Since JTBC‘s MIXNINE finished in January, 2nd place winner ONF‘s Hyojin has gained more and more attention for his flowerboy visuals.


He gained a huge fan base during the idol survival show for his striking looks, emotional vocals, and strong dance ability.


He was even ranked number one on the show’s most beautiful list!


Hyojin’s image wavered between cute and tough making him the perfect boyfriend material!


The WM Entertainment trainee is an emotional vocal performer, but he has strength and power in his dance moves.


And when he isn’t smiling, he has a badboy demeanor.


But as soon as his lips turn up, he becomes the cute flowerboy!


He’s so pretty that if you add some luscious long locks, he could pass as a female model!


He’s even prettier than some of the prettiest female idols!


And when you listen to him sing, you’ll become an instant fan of his voice.

Source: Dispatch