2NE1 featured on American TV show “The Magicians”

2NE1 was featured on the American TV show “The Magicians” where they helped to save the day.

American television series The Magicians from the network Syfy recently released an episode in which 2NE1’s iconic song “I Am The Best” was playing. The Magicians is about a man who goes to a university to be trained as a magician and discovers that the magical world of his favorite childhood books is real and could be a danger to humanity.

The Magicians premiered in May 2015 and is on its second season. The main cast is pictured above.

In the episode “Plan B”, the main characters attempt to rob a bank. In order to distract the security guards at the bank, one character, Eliot, rolls a miniature disco ball towards the guards. Once the ball reached the guards, which was in actuality a magical artefact, the song “I Am The Best” began to play, disco lights flashed around the place, and the hypnotized guards danced out of the room.

The international recognition the group get even after their disbandment has proved 2NE1’s impact on the music industry and that they are one of the most popular K-pop girl groups worldwide.