2NE1’s Dara is a Pokemon Magnet!

In a recent Instagram post, 2NE1’s Dara is seen in photos next to various Pokemon in the popular game, Pokemon Go

According to the caption, Dara’s friends who play the game (she doesn’t play it) comments on her constant proximity to Pokemon, earning her the title as a “Pokemon magnet”. Due to this, Dara humorously told the Pokemon characters to go away.

Recently, Dara has gone to the Philippines to film for Pinoy Boyband Superstar, a show searching for talented males to complete a future boy band. She will appear as a judge for this show.

See the original post below:

날 좀 그만 따라다닐래?! 나는 게임도 안하는데 자꾸 친구들 폰에서 내앞에 포켓몬 출몰!!! ? Sabi nila pokemon magnet daw ako. Sino ba hinuhuli nyo? Pokemon? O ako?! Go away~~~ ayoko na~~~ ?

See this Instagram photo by @daraxxi