2PM’s Junho Explains Why He And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Have Such “Good Chemistry” On “King The Land”

“…We go back a long way, more than 15 years.”

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2PM‘s Lee Junho recently opened up to Forbes magazine about his role in the popular K-Drama King The Land and discussed his role preparations, and his long-term friendship with co-star, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left) and 2PM’s Lee Junho (right) | JTBC

Lee Junho has impressed netizens with his acting skills. After becoming the first idol actor to win the “Best Actor” award at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2022 for his role in the historical K-Drama The Red Sleeve, Lee Junho wanted to continue showing new sides of himself on screen.

His search for a different type of role led him to discover the script for King The Land, which he believed would be a comfortable and healing show for viewers.

When it came to choosing my next work, I examined scripts with the hopes of having a different genre or atmosphere from my previous work. In that sense, I found King the Land a very easy-to-watch drama… I decided to participate in this drama because I felt that it was like a small kind of healing that anyone could, at any time, turn on while eating or going somewhere and still enjoy it comfortably.

— Lee Junho

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In King The Land, Lee Junho plays the chaebol heir, Gu Won. Opposite the talented 2PM member is Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, who plays Cheon Sa Rang, an ambitious and charming employee at the King Hotel, owned by Gu Won’s family.

As the series advances, so does the on-screen chemistry between characters Cheon Sa Rang and Gu Won, and the characters’ romantic chemistry is so palpable it even sparked dating rumors, which were swiftly denied by Junho and YoonA’s companies.

So how does Lee Junho feel about playing the romantic lead opposite YoonA? For the 2PM member, their 15+ year friendship and career experience allow him to feel comfortable on set.

Since long before we hosted MBC Gayo Daejejeon together, as a singer and an actor, we go back a long way, more than 15 years. It also applies in my younger days, but at this point in my career, if I meet someone, we become comfortable colleagues and friends wherever we meet.

— Lee Junho

Having both promoted as idols for over a decade, their shared experiences also strengthen their friendship and bond.

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Lee Junho noted that working alongside YoonA as an actor felt different from their activities as idols, but ultimately, the two talented stars are seasoned professionals and had a great time on set.

Since we both have careers as singers, we felt comfortable as colleagues and friends. But it was a different feeling to work together as an actor on the set. We approached the work professionally with each other’s role and had fun shooting with good chemistry.

— Lee Junho

King The Land‘s final two episodes will air this weekend, on August 5 & 6. Though many viewers will be sad for the show to end, the two idols’ lasting friendship likely means it won’t be the last time we see the talented duo together.

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Source: Forbes